Mighty Otter



Mighty Otter got started with the need for making a difference. New lines to be explored, a different approach to Surfing and Rapid Surfing – fit for normal people just like ourselves. Captured in surfboard designs allowing us to develop our surfing and rapid surfing skills based on our European surfing culture’s reality. A reality, defined by continents specific wave quality and access, sweat- and saltwater spots and its late bloomer nature – the latter since we obviously came late to the party. So, while we are having great opportunities to enjoy the slide, we are still a bit different from the big surfing nations and cultures abroad who are defining the media image and providing shapes to live up to it. 

Most of us haven’t sucked up rail-surfing and line management from an early age because our parents surfed in the seventies and got us started on their old single fins. We don’t differ between a bunch of different turn techniques and have the lingo in place, because we all surfed Twinnies in the 80ies. We don’t really know the advantages of super low volume shapes – because we haven’t surfed high volume outlines a ton and fitness levels are more often office than gym. On these few days with great conditions we experience, hitting the lip on a high performance shortboard is the ultimate goal. But the everyday surf ain’t that good and a ton of basics need to be learnt first in order to fit the pic of the high performance shortboard surfers we see on the media – and this is alright for us!

We consider learning to surf thoroughly to be the fun to be had while surfing every day. This is subject to the shapes we provide. We offer a very diverse quiver to make the full surfing experience available on waves and rapids alike, and encourage you to take advantage of it. Don’t let it get any more serious than that. Fun Shapes Fun Waves!


All our boards are made in Europe by people who actually surf. We pay our suppliers the prices they ask for and support their improvement of workforce health protection. We do not apply large scale buying practices and do not intend to grow in a way allowing or asking to do so. We absolutely detest today’s sell-out culture and it’s terrible impact on socio-economical cohesion. Hence we neglect over-production and a low price sales-driven approach. If you find sth. heavily reduced from MOS, it really is an occasion you should use but certainly not a standard to be expected.


In today’s standard Surfboards still are a dirty business. Anybody who tells you a different story might have an incomplete perspective on the whole supply-chain, board-feel, reality or all of the above. 

Any board produced has considerable CO2 footprint associated. Any material cut or applied is a potential threat to workers and the environment. We are aware of this and are in constant exchange with our suppliers to provide practical and affordable approaches to sustainability. However, we fully admit that we are part of an averagely reasonable industry and net-zero is a far-away country – as it is to so many others, sadly.

Our best answer to all sustainability questions is building boards for real demand in PU and EPS that provide a positive surfing experience and a specific adorable identity. All in hopes that these properties turn our shapes into something well needed of long lasting value, which keeps them (shapes) in use for an extended amount of time by a large number of people.