fre­quently asked quest­ions…

… no kiddin’. We have been in this since 2014. Chances that your question right now has been somebody else’s question before are quite high. Have a look below. 

The big 2

Q: Is it done yet?

A: For sure! … what did you order again?

Q: Will you sponsor me?

A: Maybe. But let’s see yours first. Send your Insta or footage to: 

Some more

Q: Are you an independent brand?

A: Yes. Run and done by surfers. 

Q: Where are your boards made? 

A: Europe baby!
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Q: What do you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

A: We try to be realistic. The fact we need to be smart economically means we are doing sound stuff ecologically.
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On buying a MOSurfboard

Q: Is every board I order via this website specifically built for me?

A: Basically yes. Enjoy the freedom of choice.

Q: How long will it take until my board is ready?

A: 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the season and raw material availability. If it takes longer, we will contact you and let you know.

Q: How do I order?

A: Use the order form in the bottom of the desired shape’s page. We’ll get in touch with you once your order has been placed. 

Q: Where do you sell to?

A: We sell and deliver within the EU. All other nationality inquiries please contact us directly. 

Q: Do I always have to pay shipping even though I live in Munich?

A: Yes, all our boards are shaped in Spain and need to be shipped. 

Q: How do returns work?

A: We accept returns and will refund boards which are clearly different from your order sheet. Please get in touch with asap so we can suss things out and arrange for shipping and refunds accordingly.

Q: Can I have custom design showing the tattoo of my mum?

A: Everything is possible. Well, almost everything. But everything also has its price most of the time.

Q: Why don’t you have a ton of stock boards on your website?

A: Because we don’t know what size and build you want and stocking up product without knowing what for kinda is a boomer thing. 

Q: Why do you sell via surf shops then?

A: Because they know their customers and buy the right sizes for you.

For Surfshops

Q: Do you have a retail program?

A: Yes we do. If you are a shopkeeper within the EU, get in touch with us to discuss options and check wholesale pricing. 

Q: I don’t feel like mails… telephone number please?

A: Shot us a mail from your shops official website’s address and send us your number. Makes things easier for all. 

Very important frequently asked questions

Q: Will your boards allow me to do Airs and Air Reverses?

A: Surely! They will also render you more sexually attractive.

Q: How do I get better at surfing?

A: Be realistic of where you are and what could be. Enjoy the process, do not think in outcomes – Fun Shapes Fun Waves! 

Q: What does the OG Otter smoke?

A: A cigarette. He is a rebel, that guy always trying to remind you that surfing has its roots somewhere outside the corporate reality.

Q: Do you support drug use?

A: Surely not. Surfing waves and rapids is enough of an addiction to be struck with. 

Q: Should I buy a Mighty Otter Surfboard for my kid(s).

A: Surely yes! But don’t blame us if they end up having their own idea of what they want from life.  

Q: What do you think about surf-culture and where is your place?

A: Very diverse with very different cultures between Europe, Oz and the US. We offer a European take on it mixing shape-development fit for people like us with artists’ ideas on graphic design and visuals.

Q: What is your purpose?

A: You, not asking about any purpose rather than enjoying yourself. That would include us too.

Q: I have a big ding in my board – what should I do?

A: Get Big Ding repair set, check with your local surf shop. If you live in Munich, you can also send us an email to get in touch with our favorite fixers. 

Q: You haven’t answered my question yet – I don’t feel recognized in all aspects of my individuality!

A: Well that’s a shame! Can you please send us a mail specifying your needs and we will send you a reply fit?