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We don’t care about whether you are into sweat or saltwater, into running or stationary waves, a surfer, a rapid surfer, a snowboarder on summer vacation or a skateboarder with a need for refreshment. We care about shooting up and down a face, finding a good line and splash some water. In order to make this work, the shape you are riding needs to fit the curve you are on. This is where waves and rapids and their request for designing shapes are meeting. So, when considering a shape of ours, please make sure to check the waves and rapids profile we had in mind when designing this board. It will help you to assess whether it fits the spot you want to surf.


While lines and maneuver placement might differ from waves and rapids and back, the moves and basic principles are very much the same. Apply pressure to the rail to make speed. Find release while shooting up the face, change from one rail to the other and apply your drive into a carve or finish tight into a full stop with a snap. Your head and shoulders will provide maneuver direction, your core-strength defines the extent of radness of your maneuver, while your legs keep pushing or releasing rail and fins. The major small difference for us, how you will handle the shape under your feet specifically and which style of surfing this shape supports. Hence the little graphics provided to give you an idea what surf-style the board model you are looking at supports.


Time for proverbs, Rome and the many ways of yadda yadda yadda. Long story short: this website offers 3 ways on our front-page for you to find your shape. 

Go Fun Shapes to check the latest releases or dive into the specific board categories we cater with our shapes – being shortboards, hybrids, fishy stuff, cruisers and mid lengths. 

Go Fun Waves to look at waves and rapids we surf and what shapes we use for these kinds of waves. We are all at different skill-levels and have different ideas about surfing. Unless you are surfing the tour, chances that one of us is like you, are quite high. So hit the link when cool.

Last but not least, use our shape finder when you are keen to play some Q&As and ready for a brutally honest reality check. Your next surfboard might be only a few swipes away.