Logos & GraPHiC design


It all started with a good logo proposition. And we kept true to this. The story of our brand, dedicated to promoting the fun and the positive experiences to be found in surfing, wrapped in detailed illustrations and designs, has become a guideline to all new visual ventures created since 2014. All of them reflect our basic idea: Fun Shapes Fun Waves. Taking oneself or surfing too seriously, never helped anybody. We need a state of positivity in order to surf a smooth line and do our little crazy thing in style. Hence the brand name and some visual weirdness in order to remind you when needed… Enjoy!


The best part about taking care of details is you get to work with a bunch of rad and diverse people. This goes for the full team. Full stop. Our visual design team includes artists, illustrators and designers we deem friends, homies, surf buddies, board sport affiliates, drinking buddies – mostly all of the above.

C.M.ConnyMaier – Art directrice & principal brand design

C100Studio – Brand & board logo contribution

CronyRecords – Heineken slayer & board logo contributor

Marok @lodownmag – graphic design legend & Otter Pops contributor

Marko Kavan – banger intern & Board logo contributor

DaveTheChimp – Skateboarder, artist & board logo contribution

Matthias Nickel – Snowboarder & board logo contribution


We have had a bunch of designs to go on our boards over the last years. Some of them are honorable mentions. Others are for the books. At least our book that is. Hence we turned them into standards to be ordered to go on our boards and receive individual treatment by you, giving us your preferred RAL Colors to make these styles happen.