A Groveler

The Bang Stick takes shortboarding into less curvey and smaller waves with a bang! A wave catcher for every trip and day, which offers a great blend between forgiving yet reactive handling.

Since grovelers have a bit of a sluggish reputation by name, let us make this clear – the Bang Stick is not for the mellow cruise. Place your back foot on the tail pad and off you go. A little more rocker, some pronounced concaves and a little more beef to compensate for the above make for a super agile small waves and rapids shortboard design. The Bang Stick delivers great snap with above par drive, especially for taller and heavier surfers. You will need to add pressure to the tail, in return you will get crazy snaps and hacks. 

This shape is for a more front footed and slightly heavier surfer than the QR Code for example. A surfer who likes the comfort of a touch more volume in a shape used mostly in summer and on all sorts of rapids. Perfectly fit for summer swells and spots found on Sri Lanka, Central America, summerly Europe or on Unit and CityWave rapids. Bang!

Spot Check

Enjoy the paddling ease in this stick. Get ready to finish with a bang.

Forecast: 2ft to 6ft / 6 – 12 seconds

Break speed: slow to fast

Break types: beachies and points

Rapid flow: medium to very fast

Rapid types: semi-natural and artificial

Style & Fitting

Push this shape from the tail and aim for the lip, Shredder.

For Surfing & Rapid Surfing

Skill level: Fit & Advanced to Charger

Surf it: your size -4’’ to your size

Rapid Skill: Intermediate to Charger

Rapid Sizing: your size -7’’ to your size -4’’


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, EPS, Rapid PU, Rapid EPS

Fin set up: Thruster

Tail shape: Rounded Squash

Foil: Boxy

Concaves: Single to double to vee