This all-round twin fin combines a very user-friendly handling with amazing drive, hold, stability and release where needed. Go race it!

Based on the experiences we made with the Gone Electric and the Granturismo, the GT2 became our offer for twin fin fans asking for more length and foam in a twinny. Technically, this shape features modern performance aspects in a larger, more user friendly outline. A medium rail, a bit of Vee of the tail and moderate concaves and rockers overall. No ultra pronunciation of board design features – but everyday fun and ease.

Think of your hometown grand prix, a bit of crowd control while enjoying pivot around the fins to cut turns short and go snappy. You don’t need to surf this shape super large to make it work for you – yet you can. Did we mention its step-up qualities yet? Go big and fast!

Spot Check

Where there is a wall, there is you with a twin.

Forecast: 4-5ft plus / 10 seconds plus

Break speed: Medium to very fast

Break types: Racetrack? Just go!

Rapid flow: nope

Rapid types: nope

Style & Fit

Carve this board from the board center and use the full length of rail to make speed.

For Surfing

Skill level: Fit & Advanced to Charger

Surf it: your size +2’’ to your size +6’’

Rapid Skill: nope

Rapid Sizing:nope


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU

Fin set up: Twin fin

Tail shape: Moon tail (& Squash)

Foil: Boxy

Concaves: Single to Vee