Effortless AND Groovy.

The Jazz Hands is a single fin for small waves and anything above you want to cruise down in style. Get in tune with the wave and lay down some deep carves.

Really hard to talk about a surfboard design propelled in a LSD fueled era without touching esoteric vocabulary – since all of these (single fin) shapes work best when you rely on the ocean’s energy (oh boy) to play the base while you are improvising at your best. This shape is a great alternative for anybody looking for more volume and some relaxation. Just allow the board to pivot around the single fin and have the foam work for you. You won’t succeed pushing this board to generate speed, without playing along with the rhythm of the wave or rapid you are surfing. In return, your whole movement will reduce to the necessary and your vision for a line will improve. Which again is the base to any good surfing. Jazz Hands is the board name after all – you will play it smooth and stylish.

Long story short: this shape will support your or teach you classic surfing. And that will be a great experience and step into your future.

Spot Check

Get a good fin between 5.5’’ and 7’’ and into the groove – you will improve session by session!

Forecast: 3ft to 6ft / 8 seconds plus

Break speed: slow to fast

Break types: Just go!

Rapid flow: medium to very fast

Rapid types: semi-natural and artificial rapids

Style & Fitting

Glide it! Position your feet freely and let the volume work for you. It will work!

For Surfing & Rapid Surfing

Skill level: Beginner to Charger

Surf it: your size -4’’ or more

Rapid Skill: Beginner to Charger

Rapid Sizing: your size -6’’ or more


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, EPS, Rapid PU, Rapid EPS

Fin set up: Single fin

Tail shape: Rounded Pin

Foil: Boxy

Concaves: Double to vee