A high fidelity Thruster

This is a no-gimmicks thruster shape with all the performance needed to surf some smooth and easy lines with some punch in your carve. Think garage rock and start paddling.

The Lo-Fi offers a lot of fun and versatility in a very user-friendly outline. This shape paddles and takes off easily and will definitely support your search for a smooth line with the occasional gig on the main stage. Whenever it gets steep and hollow it’ll literally step up and make fast sections.

The Lo-Fi is an allrounder for any wave hip-high and above. The low rocker line offers speed from the get-go, the rounded pin and a sufficient amount of Vee off the tail will allow you to finish your carves smoothly and provide some release whenever the lip is an option.

If you are a friend of putting boards on rail or simply want to improve your surfing into a solid yet effortless direction this shape is your best friend on the retro influenced band wagon.

Spot Check

Use this shape as an allrounder with better to good waves and some size in mind.

Forecast: 3ft plus / 8 seconds plus

Break speed: medium to fast

Break types: just go!

Rapid flow: nope

Rapid types: nope

Style & Fit

Carve this board from the board center and use the full length of rail to make speed.

For Surfing

Skill level: Intermediate to Charger

Surf it: – 2” to your size or more

Rapid Skill: nope

Rapid Sizing: nope


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, EPS

Fin set up: Thruster

Tail shape: Rounded Pin

Foil: Full (performance)

Concaves: (minimal) Double to vee