Point Made Thumb

Step up performance.

Lukas Brunner has asked us for the Thumb Tail version of the Point Made, to travel light on a recent Indo trip yet always bring the 1 right board to the break – Point Made. 

This shape is for the experienced and charging surfers who want to squeeze everything out of solid to heavy conditions. A lot of rocker in the nose and tail of the board allow for radical top-to-bottom surfing. The slightly deeper than regular single concave of the helps to handle powerful conditions and provide lift. The Thumb tail design offers a great blend of control on the wall and smooth rail-to-rail transition. All of the design features have been assembled to allow for your surfing to happen in one smooth line, with double pumps being out of the equation. Hence waves should provide the quality, size and push needed for you to exell to your max.

Order this shape in the right size and refrain from looking for volume convenience in order to make it work properly. Extra foam will only slow you down and render the performance aspects null. This thing wants to go off in solid to heavy breaks with considerable size and period being spilled over them.

Spot Check

A high performance shape for high performance breaks with size and power.

Forecast: 5ft plus / 12 seconds plus

Break speed: medium to very fast

Break types: all breaks solid to heavy

Rapid Flow: nope

Rapid Types: nope

Style & Fit

Push this shape from the tail and aim for the lip, Shredder. 

For Surfing

Skill-Level: Experienced to charger

Surf it: your size +2’’ to your size

Rapid Skill: nope

Rapid Sizing: nope


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, EPS

Fin set up: Thruster

Tail shape: Thumb

Foil: Performance

Concaves: Single