FOR Travelers

The Stubby Mid is designed for surfers embarking on an extended journey with a single board. Ample paddle power and a relatively short outline for a midlength-category board inject twin-like sensations into a wide range of waves and break types.

The concept behind this shape is to prioritize generating drive and cruising on a classic deep line with substantial planing speed. This approach not only benefits your surfing experience but also enhances your local reputation when securing a spot amidst competitive line-ups as a skilled visitor. The twin fin setup provides necessary hold during bottom turns, while the comparably subtle concave in the tail facilitates lip release. This means you can handle impactful maneuvers or execute exquisite roundhouses when the conditions demand.

Fine-tuning is achieved through the choice of fin setup. Opt for half keels or wide twin fins if you intend to ride flatter waves. For steeper faces and larger waves with heightened pressure, the board transforms into a precision instrument with twin fins featuring slightly more rake and less base.

Spot Check

Wherever you surf it – turn deep!

Forecast: 2 ft plus / 8 sec. plus

Break Speed: slow to fast

Break Types: all types

Rapid Flow: … nah

Rapid Types: you might try it on open rivers but actually… nah.

Style & Fit

Push the tail to climb the face, make heavy use of the rail sport!

For Surfing

Skill-öevel: Intermediate to charger

Surfe it: your body height +2’’ or more

Rapid skill: …

Rapid sizing: Custom dims


Fancy some other dims? Go Custom!

Construction: PU

Fin set-up: True Twin

Tail-shape: Squash

Foil: Full Performance

Concaves: Double to Vee