Speed and Release

Whether it’s for small summer waves or rapids of all kinds: Take the fast train to go surfing, take the TGVee with you!

The TGVee is an evolution of the Train, gaining its drive from an inch of extra length, while offering a bit more release through the Vee and the deep-seated Twin Fin Block. A technical Train with plenty of Vee – a TGVee, indeed.

This shape is surfed by experienced surfers at a size for small waves and rapids, and it’s all about top-to-bottom lines in small transitions and foamy ledges. For big and heavy rapid surfing beginners, the shape is perfectly suited for finding trim and drive. The super-wide tailblock generates all the momentum, the full rail ensures agility, and control of hold and release is influenced by the choice of fins. More rake brings more hold, more cant brings more release – everything as usual, only the fins should be twin or half keel in size.

We ride the TGVee in the Rapid PU construction, so as not to have longer repair sessions when switching between fresh and saltwater. The flex is very similar to PU. If you want to get high into the air from the wide tail, EPS or RAPID EPS is the best choice.

Spot Check

Float-float, push-push, bang-bang! This shape will guide you on rail – let’s go fast!.

Forecast: 1 to 4 ft / 4 sec. plus

Break speed: all types

Break types: allround

Rapid Flow: medium to fast

Rapid Types: allrounder

Style & Fit

Think planing, push from the center and hold tight through turns.

1 board for small waves & rapids

Skill-Level: Fit & Advanced to Charger

Surfe it: -9’’ to -4’’ compared to your body height

Rapid Skill: Intermediate to Charger

Rapid Sizing: – 9” bis -6’’ compared to your body height


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, EPS, Rapid PU, Rapid EPS

Fin set-up: Twin

Tail shape: Fish Cut

Foil: Full Performance

Concaves: Single to Double to Vee