Easy & Fast

Let’s take this dad quad thing seriously by adding a fifth fin, shall we? Hello the Fish – a 5 fin performance fish with a ton of drive and zip in the tail.

The Fish is one of our longest running models providing a ton of lift and drive from the tail to shoot you through small waves and rapids. The shape has experienced an overhaul in the last year adding some curve in the tail and additional width in the nose. This basically means added zip through your turns and more paddle power and stability in the front. The deep fish cut tail offers control on steep walls. Snap and full stop.

Ride this shape as a quad for maximum drive or thruster if you have to make some tighter turns. Either way, it will offer a great blend between speed from the get go, hold on the rail and looseness in the tail.

We recommend this board as a Rapid Surfing allrounder and Surfing step down for heavier surfers and people keen to combine “solid” with some extra speed.

Spot Check

Drives through fat sections, digs trenches in fat shoulders. Think dad quad and enjoy!

Forecast: 2ft to 5ft / 8 seconds plus

Break speed: Medium to very fast

Break types: Just go!

Rapid flow: Medium to very fast

Rapid types: Semi-natural and artificial rapids

Style & Fit

Carve this board from the board center and use the full length of rail to make speed.

For Surfing & Rapid Surfing

Skill level: Fit & Advanced to Charger

Surf it: -5’’ your size to your size

Rapid Skill: Intermediate to Charger

Rapid Sizing: -8’’ your size or more


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, EPS, Rapid PU, Rapid EPS

Fin set up: 5 fin

Tail shape: Fish cut

Foil: Full & Boxy

Concaves: Single to Double to Vee