FAST, Floaty & AGILE

The Flying Fish combines fish-design properties and shortboard performance in a super fast outline. Place your foot on the tail and let it fly.

The Flying Fish has the drive of a fish-style surfboard with added release over fins due to the wingers in the tail. It combines the advantages of a cruiser and a trick machine with instant drive and a lot of pop ready to go into tight turns, reverses and air reverses. The shape is wave catcher due to its width and added foam. The rail however is small wave performance orientated and allows for extended carves when surfed over center.

This shape represents our most versatile offer for rapid surfing and brings a lot of pop and release into chunky beach breaks and waves you would otherwise consider mushy shit. It works well as a twin, a 2 plus 1 (trailer) or a regular thruster.

Use this in shape at Northern shores of Europe and summerly breaks. Best practice model for Eisbach in Munich.

Spot Check

Drives through fat sections, tears bags out of small pockets.

Forecast: 2ft plus / 6 seconds plus

Break Speed: Medium to fast

Break Types: Beach breaks

Rapid Flow: Medium to super strong

Rapid Types: Natural, semi-natural and artificial rapids.

Style & Fitting

Surf this shape from the tail and aim for the lip, Shredder.

For Surfing & Rapid Surfing

Surf Skill: Fit & advanced +

Surf it: – 4” your size to your size

Volume min: 0,32 L / kg weight

Rapid Sizing: – 6” your size or more

Rapid Skill: Beginner +


This shape is available in PU and EPS (epoxy). Size adaptions / customizations are welcome!

Thruster Set Up: FCS 1&2 / Futures

Tail: Fish Cut

Foil: Full & boxy

Center: Single Concave