The Pelican


The Pelican has got a big beak and is a greedy one. Enjoy a majestic glide off the top of the point, catch a ton of waves but please resist paddling on everybody’s outside inside.

This shape has been a development based on our experience with the Granturismo series. It offers the glide of a single fin mid yet is a touch more versatile due to the +2 side bite fin option. This will help you to get going in quicker waves and support backhand approaches. A great paddler for sure, the Pelican will help you to catch a lot of waves and improve on your lines and railgame. No need to think in “as small as possible” ways. The tail block is quite pinny, to control the lift and manage more powerful waves. It can be surfed as a single fin in high quality point breaks, or tuned to mushy stuff with a thruster or 2 + 1 set up. 

We think it works best though, when surfed with trailers and the single fin positioned for the size of wave you are facing. What do you think? Or choose? Whichever way you go, think TC, think “… Pelican!”, allow the shape to work for you and don‘t oversurf it.

Spot Check

Turns burgers into fun and offers drive when needed.

Forecast: 3ft plus / 8 seconds plus

Break speed: slow to fast

Break types: just go!

Rapid flow: nope, not really

Rapid Types: nope… maybe on an open river

Style & Fit

 Glide it! Position your feet freely and let the volume work for you.

For Surfing

Skill level: Intermediate to Charger

Surf it: your size +8’’ or more

Rapid Skill: nope

Rapid Sizing: nope


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU

Fin set up: Single + side bites

Tail shape: Pin

Foil: Full Performance

Concaves: Single to Double to Vee