The Snapper

Lukas’ HP Hybrid

Lukas Brunner is one of the most technically profound and stylish rapid surfers. He asked for an ocean inspired hybrid to go to the next level.

And so the Flying Fish got turned into the snapper. A shape to be pushed from the back foot straight into the lip. Quick snap at the top, quick redirect at the bottom. A single concave over moderate rockers, and some nice release found in the combination of a bit of Vee off the tail and a winger breaking up the rail line right over the fins. Add a rounded squash and you’ll get the pop Lukas is looking for when on rapids or in small waves. A bit more work required with the Snapper but surely a bunch more performance and aggressiveness achieved.

This shape is for skilled surfers and rapid surfers, preferably the light footed ones. It will be the choice when waves get good and rapids flow strongly. Well-tuned to a good Eisbach, powerful artificial rapids or a pushy little beach break asking for quick changes in direction.

Spot Check

This thing wants to go and snap bit by bit from the lip.

Forecast: 2ft to 5ft / 8 to 12 seconds

Break speed: medium to fast

Break types: Beachies

Rapid flow: fast to very fast

Rapid types: semi-natural and artificial

Style & Fitting

Push this shape from the tail and aim for the lip, Shredder.

For Surfing & Rapid Surfing

Skill level: Experienced to Charger

Surf it: – 2” your size

Rapid Skill: Fit & Advanced to Charger

Rapid Sizing: – 8” to -5” off your size


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, Rapid PU, EPS, Rapid EPS

Fin set up: Thruster

Tail shape: Rounded Squash

Foil: Full performance

Concaves: Single