The Talking

Will Speak For you

Nici Marusa was looking for a shape allowing him to focus on having fun while tearing apart small waves and rapids in his signature style relying on athleticism while following intuition. A shape that does just that for him basically – The Talking. 

Nici Marusa is a front footed shredder ready to put in all the work it needs to get maximum speed and maneuverability out of this board. With it’s comparably low entry rocker this shape works really well (for him) in smaller waves and rapids yet does not sacrifice on reactiveness due to the release in tail and a Vee off.

Since Nici is into technical tricks we kept a bit of extra foam in the nose area of the board to smoothen out reverse and shuvit landings. Helpful for paddling and to make flatter sections too. The rounded squash offers a nice balance between rail control through roundhouse combos and pop to get into air maneuvers. This goes for Surfing and Rapid Surfing.

Spot Check

This thing wants to shred and offers a ton of versatility in crap to good waves and rapids.

Forecast: 2ft to 6ft / 6 -12 seconds

Break speed: Medium to fast

Break Types: Points and beachies

Rapid flow: fast to very fast

Rapid types: artificial and semi-natural

Style & Fit

Push this shape from the tail and aim for the lip, Shredder.

For Surfing & Rapid Surfing

Skill level: Fit & Advanced to Charger

Surf it: your size -3’’ to your size

Rapid Skill: Fit & Advanced to Charger

Rapid Sizing: your size -8’’ to -6’’


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, EPS, Rapid PU, Rapid EPS

Fin set up: Thruster

Tail shape: Rounded Squash

Foil: Full performance

Concaves: Single to vee