Gone Electric

A Twin Pin for Whammy!

Based on the super user friendly outline of the Lo-Fi this Twin-pin got a power upgrade and became the Gone Electric.

To facilitate your shred in bigger waves we gave the Gone Electric (in comparison to the Lo-Fi) a little more length and took out a bit of width. The rails are a little more dropped compared to the Lo-Fi (or the Jazz Hands) and the tail is thinned out. Result? A lot of hold and drive when the rail sinks into the Twin Fins. That’s a plus when bottom turning as you will realize that the bounce you’re getting out of some big and flexible twins will make a section that looks too long an easy pass. Concaves in the entry area are flat, double concave in the center, going deeper between the fins and into a clear vee in the tail. We added a bit of tail rocker to get a little more looseness at the end of a turn. The pinny tail outline provides good control in steeper and more powerful waves.  

Even though the Gone Electric drives towards performance it still has the paddle power and the forgiving characteristics of our cruiser series. With your back foot on the tail you can control the board nicely in critical sections. If you just want to cruise through open faces, please stand up!

Spot Check

Use this shape on (really) good days to use the full power of the waves.

Forecast: 5ft plus / 12 seconds plus

Break Speed: Medium to fast

Break Types: Points and reef breaks

Rapid flow: nope

Rapid types: nope

Style & Fit

Carve this board from the board center and use the full length of rail to make speed.

For Surfing

Skill level: Fit & Advanced to Charger

Surf it: your size – 2” or bigger

Rapid skill: nope

Rapid sizing: nope


Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, EPS

Fin set-up: Twin fin

Tail shape: Rounded Pin

Foil: Dropped performance

Concaves: Double to vee