The Stint

Means: Connect SMALL Sections quickly

The Stint is a small, fishy fellow that runs on high speed from the get-go. Whether it happens in freshwater or saltwater doesn’t bother him. The main thing is that it sprays hard!

This shape was originally designed at the request of Mr. Überall from Fehmarn to surf in the slabby and sloppily-fast Baltic Sea waves with bam bam boom take-offs and snaps. After several design rounds, it finally became a hybrid shape that combines the best of the Curvey Fish and the QR Code, connecting them with a pop-out friendly wide tail to facilitate easy speed generation, turning and release in a variety of small waves and rapids.

Technically, this means a flat entry and exit rocker and a straight, fast outline sit on a relaxed single concave that splits into a double concave between the fins and then fades into a gentle Vee in the tail. Add to that a full rail and you’ve got the Small Wave Performer.

We surf the Stint as a step-down in summery beach breaks and as a performer on rapids of all kinds. The shape likes fins as a 2 + 1 trailer, thruster, and quad.

Spot Check

When you move quickly through all sorts of short sections it is indeed a quick a stint.

Forecast: 2ft to 5ft / 4 seconds plus

Break Speed: slow to very fast

Break Types: A go-to step down

Rapid Flow: medium to very strong

Rapid Types: Just go!

Style & Fit

Push this shape from the tail and aim for the lip, Shredder.

For Surfing and Rapid Surfing

Skill-Level: Advanced to Charger

Surfe es: Your height or shorter

Rapid Skill: Beginner to Charger

Rapid Sizing: – 6” of your height or shorter

Stock Dimensions

Not happy with these standards? Customizations are welcome!

Construction: PU, Rapid PU, EPS, Rapid EPS

Fin set up: 5 Fin

Tail-Shape: Moon Fish and Swallow

Foil: Full small Wave Performance

Concaves: Single to Double to Vee